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Greenhouse Academy - Série (2017)

Série de Giora Chamizer Drame 4 saisons (en cours) Netflix 25 min 8 septembre 2017

Deux ados, Hayley et son frère Alex, sont admis dans un internat où ils vont vivre amour et rivalités, avant de découvrir un mystère lié à la mort de leur mère.

Greenhouse Academy - Série (2017)

So unexpectedly cool ! Characters not that cliché (especially the blond mean girl) and very touching, intrigue so interesting, tense and perfectly managed, with such an intelligent AND satisfying strategy by the main characters. And quite a great ending, so earned by all these consistent and original characters (Alex, Brooke, Sophie, JACKIE, Max, Parker, Hayley, Marcus...) who are dodging annoying clichés like "i'm not telling anything to anybody because duh" (come on it's so much BETTER to find characters that can come together and think and get a plan and all of them are trustworthy and everyone helps AND THAT'S HOW YOU SOLVE SOMETHING DUMMIES). Would never have thought it would be so cool, and this season 2 was non-stop standing on the edge of my seat and pressing play. Good, good job Netflix ! PS : my mind is blown, LEO is singing this PPS : totally hoping there will be no season 3, I feel like everything's been told about this story and I'm okay with that, let it go and put together some other amazing shows !